Benefits of Installing Rainheads in Addition to Gutters

Brown gutter and rainhead on the side of a house

If there’s one thing that you simply can’t rely on in this world, it has to be the weather. For homeowners, being caught in a storm might not seem like the end of the world when they are indoors. After all, while it might be a bit eerie, it’s not doing any damage. For your home’s exterior though, this could be a different story.

Having an effective guttering system is a great way to manage light to moderate downpours; however all it takes is a cluster of leaves or another impediment to cause this system to fail. Sustained overflows can place undue strain onto the guttering and can even lead to a partial or complete collapse of the gutters, leaving your home open to greater elemental damage.

Used in tandem with guttering, correctly installed and placed rainheads can quickly disperse any overflow water and remove the risk of sudden downpours to your property. While viewed in some circles as an outdated water management system, there are a number of benefits to be had from installing rainheads as a part of your guttering system.

Prevention of Overflow

Rainheads installed at the top of a drain act like a reservoir, pooling all the water collected from the gutters into one central location. Once the water reaches a certain point it is ejected from the rainhead through a spout where it disperses on the ground along with the rest of the rain. By storing and dispersing this excess water far the rainhead prevents any additional stress on the guttering.

Reduction in Water Waste

Given the extreme weather conditions in Australia, the installation of water tanks is a smart investment. During a torrential downpour of rain water the majority of this rainwater is not captured and it is lost into your stormwater system. A smart way to take advantage of this situation is to install a pipe leading from the rainhead to the water tank. Additionally rainheads can be strategically placed above areas such as lawns and gardens to allow any overflow to be used to nourish the selected area.

Increase the Visual Appeal of Your Home

Plumbing isn’t the most attractive thing in the world, so it’s natural to worry about the aesthetic effect of a rainhead on your home’s exterior. Thankfully there are a number of designs available that can actually increase the visual look and appeal of your home. Depending on you taste and style, rainheads come in a number of shapes including tapered, colonial, conical, and cylindrical to name a few. Selecting the rainhead that is right for your home can greatly add to the feeling of your home’s exterior.

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