From gutterings to flashings to downpipes and more, Roofspan has supplied only the best roofing materials and specialty sheet metal products to the Australian construction industry. Most of our products can be custom-made to your specifications, from the size of your property to your choice of colours. No matter how high the demands might be, we will match our products to fit every customer's satisfaction.

Below is a selection of our vast range of high-end building materials, all available at excellent prices.


It's easier than you think to keep your property safe and dry this winter. Roofspan manufactures both flat and curved flashings from the most weather-resistant material on the market.

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Get the best louvres for ventilating and managing sunlight in your home. Choose from a wide selection of materials, like aluminium, wood and metal.

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If you're hit with heavy rainfall where you live, a good downpipe is essential to keep your home nice and dry. Find affordable and high-quality downpipes at Roofspan, your lead local provider.

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Roofspan is one of Perth's leading suppliers of roofing materials, such as guttering. Talk to one of our qualified tradespeople about how we can produce guttering that fits your home and your budget.

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In addition to roofing, Roofspan can design and manufacture sumps for collecting water runoff of any size and depth.

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Access your roof with ease through one of our well-engineered hatches. Roofspan uses weather-resistant materials and strong insulation to deliver a reliable, affordable product.

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For stronger weather protection, Roofspan can create upstand flashings from sheet metal and aluminium. Protect your roof against the strongest storms at the best prices.

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To prevent leaks and flooding, no one should go without a flume. Roofspan specialises in fabricating flumes for construction and mining operations, using the best materials available.

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As a top sheet metal developer, Roofspan produces a fine range of rainheads to collect rainwater runoff from your building's guttering. Enquire today about our different design options.

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Air Conditioning Ducting

Made from our custom sheet metal, air conditioning ducts are available in large quantities at fine prices. Contact Roofspan today for professional advice on the best ducting for your home.

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